Santacroce Bike Team

The Santacroce Ovidius Hotel is pro-sport and a lover and promoter of cultural and sporting activities. Since 2020 it is a designated Hotel Bike Stop ready to promptly assist every cycling enthusiast.

Hotel manager Mariadora Santacroce is a passionate cycling enthusiast and, together with Roberta Polce founded the Santacroce Bike Team in 2020. The team is the first all-female Bikers Society in central Abruzzo and is composed of women who not only enjoy cycling but wish to foster a close connection with the local natural environment.

Since its official presentation in July 2020 the number of members has steadily increased and has become a close-knit team that cultivates a deeply felt passion for sport and personal sacrifice. The experience has been rewarding!

Without any discrimination of age, profession or religion, the Santacroce Bike Team promotes the noblest values of sport, such as respect, commitment, discipline, and collaboration.

The Santacroce Bike Team avidly promotes territorial cycle tourism. Beginning in 2021, our guests have the opportunity to discover the wonders of Abruzzo in saddle!